CPA Members Profiles - A

CPA Members Profiles – A

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Jaqui Atkin - Selected member

Jaqui Atkin - Selected member

Based in north Shropshire, close to the Welsh border market town of Oswestry, I have been potting for more than twenty years now, focusing on low firing techniques, especially resist Raku in the early years. However, more recently, my work has been exploring new themes and less hazardous methods of firing.
I now incorporate my lifelong love of pattern and texture into the work using velvet underglazes to create bold colour variations.

I work with grogged white earthenware using all making methods, often combining techniques to create composite forms – moulded sections with slabbed additions, thrown sections with coiled additions etc.

Inspiration for form and pattern is drawn from many sources but I have an endless fascination with birds which feature strongly in a stylised form, along with botanical imagery. Much of the imagery I use is drawn from a love of antique textiles but I am also strongly drawn to design from the 1950’s so this too influences the work.

I am the author of 5 books about ceramics and currently working on the 6th. Writing is a different discipline which I enjoy because it involves much research and as a result expands my knowledge of clay processes.

All my books are available through my website.

Visitors are welcome to my workshop but will need guidance to find it so please call in advance.

Elizabeth Aylmer - Selected member

Elizabeth Aylmer - Selected member

I have been making pottery for more than forty years – a production thrower taking great pride in the ability to produce quantities of domestic stoneware quickly and efficiently and I love it. It’s a joy watching people using my pottery and using it myself. I also have many pots made by fellow potters which I love to use.
However at this point in my life, not far from eighty years of age, it feels like a time for change and therefore I have just sold my large gas kiln and replaced it with a smaller one.
My ‘Rukweza’ domesticware, which I have made for many years, is to be phased out and replaced with short runs of individual pots. Still useful I expect but I will try hard not to make matching sets! The same family but not identical - a challenge! I may even try my hand at sculpting something. I will certainly be re-visiting porcelain which I met some years ago and loved it - a very exciting life ahead!